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Elegant Wedding Invitation Kits

Elegant Wedding Invitation Kits

Elegant Wedding Invitation Kits - Young couples today want everything to be unique. They do not want to follow a centuries old tradition. They want to have the invitation to be unique and memorable and also cheap. That’s why cheap pocket wedding invitation kits are preferred by most. If you are creative and want to make unique wedding invitations; we see we scroll wedding invitation kits for inspiration. This kit makes it easy to make your own invitations, and you will make an impact too! They are beautiful and luxurious, perfect for weddings or celebrations elegant antiques.

Elegant wedding invitation kit is perfect for couples who want to make creative invitations for their own unique elegant vintage wedding. Each kit contains a scroll invitation: 10 flat-packed box ivory scrolls, 10 sheets of A4 paper to print at home, 10 paper roses, 10 vintage-style ivory lace ribbons

Rolls are very easy to make: folding box (no glue required), print out your invitation roll, roll them and tie with ribbon. To make the curl of stem roses, wind wire around a thin tool – wooden skewer or the end of a small paintbrush, for example. Take the roses under the tape and pop scroll in the box – you’re done! Price shown is for a 10 scroll invitation kit. If you prefer different color roses, or an alternative to tape lace, each order can be personalized very easy for you. Elegant wedding invitation sets and matching set including postage wedding, bridal shower invites, bridal shower and the wedding, bridal shower and wedding stickers, custom envelopes and much more!

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